Thursday, September 28, 2006

Veggie Casserole

Ingredients :
Carrot 2-3 chopped
French beans 5-6 chopped
Cauliflower florets 7-10
Potatoes 3-4 med sized, boiled, skinned and grated
American corn (optional)
White sauce (optional)
Milk 2-3 tbsp
Cheese cubes 2
Butter 2 tbsp

What next :

To prepare potato base, add 2-3 tbsps milk to the boiled grated potatoes. Add grated cheese and mix + heat in pan till creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste.

For preparation of white sauce : (optional)
Add refined flour to one tbsp of butter, toss it a while. Add milk and grated cheese, salt and pepper. Cook until it thickens.

For the main dish :
Take some butter in the casserole, add the carrots, beans and cauliflower florets, add some salt and pepper and cook in microwave for atleast 5 mins (until cooked). Add the potato base over the veggie mixture (you could add white sauce to it as well, if you wish to). Grill in oven for atleast 15 mins (until the potato base gets browned a little, I use an electrolux microwave, so I use G-1 option for 15 mins)

To serve :
Serve with garlic or herb breads. Can be had as a stand alone dish too.

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