Friday, July 20, 2007

Kadi pakora

300 gms curd, blended well
2-3 tbsps gram flour (besan)
Salt and a pinch of sugar to taste
For seasoning : curry leaves, dried red chillies, jeera

For pakoras :
Gram flour (besan) to make 12 pakoras
Bottle gourd half
Green chillies 2-3 chopped finely

What next ?
To make pakoras - skin the Bottle gourd, grate it, remove excess water by squeezing, add gram flour, green chillies, jeera, salt to taste. Make smooth paste which can then be rolled into balls (pakoras) and deep fry in oil till golden brown

For kadi - take 2-3 tbsps of oil, add jeera, curry leaves, red chillies and stir until done. Shut the flame, add curd blended with 2-3 tbsps besan, salt and sugar to taste, pinch of turmeric an be added for colour. If curd added when flame is on, then the curd is likely to curdle. Then once blended finely, turn on flame, add pakoras to the kadi, simmer till the pakoras have absorbed the curd well.

To serve ? Garnish with coriander and serve. Can be eaten with chapatis (bread), or with rice. Kadi chawal is a popular and well relished dish in Uttranchal. Can be had as a meal by itself when served with rice.

Great for a rainy day or a chilly winter day.

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